September 18, 2018


  1. Next Regular Meeting September 19, 2018
  2. Candidate Nominations and Election for President, Vice President and Secretary
  3. Request for Leave Donations
  4. Initial Assessments
  5. Vote on Revised Bylaws at the Annual Meeting
  6. Transit Bargaining
  7. Wastewater Bargaining

1. Next Regular Meeting September 19, 2018

The next Regular Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 19 in Room 4-C of the King Street Center. The topics will be the upcoming election process and the changes to the bylaws that members are asked to review prior to and approve at the Annual Meeting on October 17, 2018.

Join the meeting by phone: 206-263-8114. Conference I.D. 986139.

2. Candidate Nominations and Election for President, Vice President and Secretary

There are three positions open for election: President, Vice President, and Secretary. Full Members are highly encouraged to consider running for one of the open Board positions. It is a great way to become involved in your future as a represented employee in the Wastewater and Transit Divisions.

Please also consider volunteering to help out with the Annual Meeting. We especially would like new volunteers to count ballots after the meeting. Please contact the Secretary for more information.

The annual election process as described in the current edition of the bylaws (and dating to the October 2005 version) begins with the candidate nominations and follows these rules and steps:

3. Request for Leave Donations

Linda Azar (Transit) is in need of leave donations.

Anyone wishing to donate leave time should complete a leave donation form — kingcounty.gov/audience/employees/benefits/leaves.aspx — then submit the form to their respective Human Resources department for processing. Please review the donor requirements at the webpage above, or on the form itself.

4. Initial Assessments

At the Board Meeting on September 5, 2018, the Board voted to eliminate the initial assessments, as of June 28, 2018, in light of the Supreme Court's decision on the Janus case (see previous related issues of the TEA Times and the website at "teaseattle.org"). The Board discussed ending it for two principal reasons.

First, that TEA's projected revenues and expenses will be just about balanced by removing the initial assessments and there is a healthy amount over and above our project expenses currently. The idea has been discussed over the years but was never implemented because it was difficult to figure out how to end it equitably.

Second, the Board can anticipate that new employees will be faced with the decision to opt in to union membership at the same time that the initial assessment imposes a one-time fee that is 12 times the employee's hourly wage and therefore much larger than the monthly dues amount.

5. Vote on Revised Bylaws at the Annual Meeting

As part of the Annual Election members will be asked to approve the bylaws revisions that the Bylaws Committee worked on in late 2017 and in 2018. In anticipation of the member vote on the bylaws, Gillian Zacharias, Secretary and head of the Bylaws Committee, will make a presentation about proposed changes at the September 19 Regular Meeting.

The revised version of the bylaws will be posted on the website by September 21, 2018. Only substantive "tracked changes" are shown because there were a lot of formatting and deletions. Comments are provided where the changes are not self-explanatory.

There no changes to Articles I, II and X. The remaining articles contain changes:

  1. Definitions
  2. Organization
  3. Membership
  4. Privileges / Obligations
  5. Committees
  6. Meetings and Procedures
  7. Elections
  1. Audit
  2. Amendments and Revisions

The Bylaws Committee's changes can be categorized into three types of changes:

Any questions on the changes can be directed to the chair of the Bylaws Committee, Gillian Zacharias (TEA Secretary). Other members are: Jennifer Ash, Roger Brown (WW Bargaining Chair), Rylan Knuttgen, Amir Moazzami, and Velma Valdez. The proposed revisions were provided to the Board and reviewed by TEA legal counsel, Jim Cline. Full members will receive ballots for the bylaws changes with the ballots for electing Board positions.

6. Transit Bargaining

The Pre-Bargaining Committee (i.e., the Board) has not yet convened the Transit Bargaining Committee. The wage survey is still being conducted and the results not expected until December. The bylaws call for the Pre-Bargaining Committee to solicit interest from members to participate in the Bargaining Committee to support the upcoming Transit Bargaining effort. Any Full Member who wishes may join. The Bargaining Team will be selected at a later date.

7. Wastewater Bargaining

The Wastewater Bargaining Unit has scheduled a mediation date for September 26th. The mediator has confirmed his availability.

TEA Board

Alton Gaskill, President
Michael Sands, Vice President
Gillian Zacharias, Secretary
Sally Turner, Treasurer
Roger Browne, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Ken Madden, Council of Representatives Chair