December 13, 2018 Update

The Bylaws document for 2018 is now available in PDF form from the hme page menu dropdown. Click on the "TEA Bylaws" item and select "2018 Bylaws" from the dropdown.

December 6, 2018

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held December 5, 2018, from noon to 1 p.m. Members were casting ballots right up until the 12:30 deadline.

Thank you to Mike Sands for organizing the food and drink! Thanks also to Alton Gaskill, Mike Sands, Alex Wolak and Gillian Zacharias for cleanup to put room to rights in time for the meeting that followed—thankfully people arrived a bit late to that meeting!

A huge thank you for Gillian Zacharias, TEA Secretary, for outstanding service as TEA Secretary for 2017 & 2018 (plus an additional two months). Additionally, Gillian chaired the Bylaws Committee, which completed major TEA bylaws revisions over months of hard work. Getting this work done was a tremendous accomplishment!

Election Results:

Many thanks to Roger Browne, TEA Wastewater Bargaining Chair, for completing difficult negotiations on our two Wastewater contracts for 2017 &mdash 2020.

Only one Board position, that of Vice President, was contested, so only votes for that position were tallied. The positions for President and Secretary were uncontested, so Alton Gaskill will continue as President; and JR Meksavanh is the new TEA Secretary. Congratulations to the successful candidates!

The bylaws amendments passed by a large margin. There were 171 votes cast, with 155 voting in favor on all three groups of bylaws changes, and 15 opposed on Groups #1 and #2, and 16 opposed on Group #3. The bylaws amendments were adopted.

Big thanks to our volunteer vote counters Scott Mingus, Rebecca Gauff, Velma Valdez, Jennifer Ash and Tsengyang Vang, who contributed many total hours of their time to count the ballots.


President’s message:

Today I met with Hien Dung to discuss the election and state of TEA. We talked at length about about her perspective, informed by members she has talked to over the last months. Her feedback was: (1) Members may not have felt that TEA has included them, or has not been responsive to their questions and concerns; (2) TEA members care about their union representation. They want to see opportunities to be engaged, and be kept informed about what TEA is doing, at the bargaining table and in union discourse, especially in terms of their wages, benefits, and working conditions. Hien and I brainstormed some areas of improvements for a better future state for TEA. We agreed that the election was testimonial that new approaches are necessary. We talked about a path forward that will truly move TEA in the direction of engagement, communication, a win-win bargaining strategy, and highlight the benefit of a voice in TEA. I am asking that Hein continue to meet with me, and you, on a regular basis to nurture these idea and work on ones that may bear fruit. Hien will follow up this email soon with her own message to the members. Thank you, Hien.

– Alton Gaskill,
TEA President

TEA Board

Alton Gaskill, President
Michael Sands, Vice President
JR Meksavan, Secretary
Sally Turner, Treasurer
Roger Browne, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Ken Madden, Council of Representatives Chair